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J’Amuse Bouche Personal Chef & Kitchen Concierge Service tackles all of your food related needs so you and your family can eat better, save time and feel more organized.

Personal Chef Rates

Mondays & Tuesdays




*These rates do not include cost of groceries

How does the personal chef service work?            

J’Amuse Bouche is a weekly in-home personal chef service that provides you and your family with 7 customized dishes that can be easily reheated in your oven or microwave.

Menu, cooking day visit and storage of food

∗Prior to your scheduled cooking day, we will do a free phone or in person consultation so that I can learn more about your preferences, dislikes, allergies and intolerances. With this information, I will create a menu proposal and send it to you via email.

∗We will schedule a cooking day and I will do the food shopping on this day, prior to my visit. I am happy to visit multiple locations for speciality or high quality ingredients, especially for fish and meat. Typically, I do shop at the local Whole Foods or Wegman’s. These types of preferences will be discussed in our consultation.

 ∗The 7 meals are made up of 3 mains and 3 sides with 1 elective dish.

 ∗I can make up to 6 portion of each dish.

Sample of a typical menu:

Orange Ginger Glazed Salmon

Roasted Chicken Split Breast with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Herb Crusted Lamb Chops

Quinoa Pilaf with Mushrooms and Thyme

Lemon Zested Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

Fingerling Potato and Green Bean Salad with Almond Crumble

Elective (7th dish):

This can be a dessert, another side dish, another main dish or a one pot meal such as a lasagna, stew or casserole that can be frozen.

∗I will use any plastic or glassware you own to store the food in and all the finished items with be placed in your fridge.

∗You will also receive reheating instructions upon request.

∗I usually take about 3-4 hours to complete all the cooking and this includes the time I spend cleaning up at the end. I try to make your kitchen look like I was never there!

Chef Jasmine also offers catering and kitchen concierge services:

*The rates for the services below differ from the personal chef rates


cropped-jamusebouchlogo1-pdf-e1445694816381.jpg Kitchen organization

cropped-jamusebouchlogo1-pdf-e1445694816381.jpg Catering for small events


cropped-jamusebouchlogo1-pdf-e1445694816381.jpg In home cooking classes (for adults and kids!)

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