About Chef Jasmine


I graduated from the International Culinary Center in 2010 and went on to work as NYC-based personal chef.

The greatest part about being a chef is it gives me a chance to care for others. I find that cooking for someone is a very important job because there is a relationship between the food I make for my eaters and their health and happiness. It takes more than knowing how to prepare a technically correct or delicious tasting dish to be a good chef. Understanding and meeting the needs of my clients goes beyond good food. For me, a big part of the job description is being a stress reliever: Not having to worry about supermarket shopping, coming home to fresh meals that use quality ingredients and walking into a more organized kitchen are just a few examples of how I can help relieve some of life’s stress. It goes without saying that feeling more relaxed is a one entrance to happiness.

As a young girl I was taught by my father that a strong, healthy body promotes a stable mind which can contribute to a better world. I try to live by these words and that’s why it made sense for me to become a chef because my happiness always seems to start at the plate. If I consistently manage to eat a delicious, balanced meal, then going to the gym is easier, my sleep is better, and I am at my most productive self. So if this simple lifestyle plan helps me get through this tough life where so much is out of my hands, then I will have my broccoli and eat it too. As long as it is not overcooked and well seasoned, of course.

Good food, doable, daily workouts and sufficient sleep. If I can manage to help you achieve just one piece of this equation, then I am contributing to a better world and so are you. And, I’ll never make you do a single burpee 🙂